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BIM model

Building a BIM model based on construction plans

RevBIM 3D modell

As part of our BIM modelling service, we integrate all the construction specialist plans (structural, architectural, building mechanical, electrical, etc.) into a 3D model, and show underestimations and anomalies in the design. After the designer’s corrections and amendments, we can create the 3D BIM model in line with the real conditions.

The price of a BIM model is 0.5 - 1.0% of the planned investment, depending on the model’s details and data content, and at the same time, 5-10 % of the construction costs may be saved.

Our team has processed over 1.200.000 m2 of buildings in BIM models.

The BIM models we create comply with design standards and, upon client request, are prepared according to the ISO 19650-1:2019 and ISO 19650-2:2019 standards.

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For professionals less familiar with BIM design, we offer our Specialty BIM Modeling service. With this service, we create specialty BIM models based on 2D specialty plans, facilitating participation in BIM design tenders.

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3D model from a Point Cloud

RevBIM 3D modell

With low manpower demand, laser scanning is fast and cheaper than traditional scanning. In 3D model created from a point cloud, a walkthrough is possible using free software. 2D survey drawings (layout, facade, cross-section) and the 3D building model (suitable for further design purposes with free walkthrough options) are handed over as the documentation of the surveys.

Advantages of laser scanning:

A walkthrough is possible in 3D model created from a point cloud, using free software

Using the engineering 3D model created from a Point Cloud:

2D and 3D documentation of the survey:

Point Cloud:


3D model from a Point Cloud:

Pontfelhő 3D modell

BIM design

RevBIM 3D modell

During BIM design, we provide our clients with comprehensive BIM-based general planning in collaboration with our partners, combining design and BIM modeling.

BIM design can start from initial conceptual planning, through permitting phases, or even at the construction documentation stage.

We undertake the continuation of architectural plans prepared without BIM design into BIM-based construction documentation.





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Zsolt Bozsovics
Biggeorge Property - Board Member

"The Biggeorge Property, as one of Hungary's largest real estate development companies, has been planning all its investments in BIM format since 2019, with professional support provided by RevBIM Ltd. Beyond consistently delivering at a high professional level and with flexibility, RevBIM Ltd. is an excellent partner in realizing our new ideas."

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